Parker 87R Short Handle Butterfly Razor & Premium Best Badger 3-Piece Shave Set

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Our Parker 87R Safety Razor 3-Piece set has all you need for a barbershop smooth shave at home.

Each component in this shaving set has been selected for high quality, beauty and fuctionality.

  • The Newly Released Parker 87R Twist-to-Open Safety Razor is a beautiful short handle safety razor that provides precision shaves.
  • Parker's 100% Premium Best Badger Bristle heavyweight white and chrome handle shaving brush has a lofty brush knot and hand selected bristles. The brush is also handmade for incredible quality to create a wonderful lather.
  • The Stainless Steel stand is both beautiful and functional. Storing your brush with this stand will ensure proper drying and will prolong the life of your brush.

This set contains:

- Parker's 87R Double Edge Safety Razor

- Super Safety Razor's Stainless Steel Modern Shave Stand with weighted base

- Parker's Handmade White & Chrome Handle Best Badger Shave brush

- 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor blades