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Taconic Shaving Soap and Cream: A Review

Posted by Daniel Krieger of on Jun 2nd 2022

We're going to brutally honest for a moment: there are so many beard companies out there, and while we truly do want to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit at every possible oppor … read more
​Taconic Shave’s Pre-Shave Oil named a Top Pick

​Taconic Shave’s Pre-Shave Oil named a Top Pick

Posted by Sharpologist - mantic59 on Apr 22nd 2022

Taconic Shave’s Pre-Shave Oil Named a Top PickExcerpt from Sharpologist’s The Best Pre Shave Oil: A Comprehensive Comparison Of Shaving OilsBy Mantic59 Taconic Organic Pre-Shave Oil“Taconic Shav … read more