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Parker 29L Unisex Long Handle Butterfly DE Razor

Parker Safety Razor

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The Parker 29L is our "Unisex Razor" which is suitable for shaving by both men and women. The chrome handle is highly textured which makes shaving in the shower with wet soapy hands a breeze. Its long thin handle makes it easier for women to use and men find its lighter weight can help make the razor more maneuverable. This is a great razor that belongs in your shave den.

  • Razor type: Butterfly Open
  • Weight: 2.9 oz.
  • Length: 4.4 in.
  • Handle Material: Genuine brass frame, chrome plated

How to Use a Safety Razor for a Close Shave  

General Product & Shaving Tips

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  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Katherine on Aug 13th 2021

    This is my first safety razor as a female, and I love it! I was super scared of it at first but I took my time and was very careful and now I feel very comfortable with it! And I love the length of the handle and ease of opening the razor!!

  • 4
    29L razor

    Posted by Reed on Dec 27th 2019

    It took me four shaves before I managed not to nick myself. The razor is fairly aggressive but I learned in the process about doing more beard prep (coarse beard) with hot water and using some shaving cream I got for a present. I tried a safety razor to cut down on plastic use and hope to be able to get by with inexpensive shaving soap. I like the long handle since I have really big hands and the quality seems very good. I will stick with it.

  • 5
    Awesome buy!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 23rd 2019

    Think thing looks super intimidating, but it's so easy. I keep wanting to say, "It's such a quiet shave." I think what I mean is that it doesn't feel like there's any scraping like your standard three blade razor. I started slow with no pressure and have had great results! And as a lady, it's been kind on ALL areas.

  • 5
    Fantastic and Environmentally Friendly

    Posted by Bianca on Jul 3rd 2019

    I wanted to reduce my plastic waste in the bathroom and switching to a safety razor has helped me do that. Although it took me a few minutes to figure out which angle suited me best to shave in different areas this razor is light weight, comfy and easy to use.

  • 5
    Ladies, don't let the blade scare you, this thing is great.

    Posted by AM on Feb 19th 2019

    I have been in a monogamous relationship with Venus for 15 years and was honestly a little terrified to make the switch to an open blade but this little tool is awesome! Been using for 2 months now and its so easy to use, just go slow. Haven't had a single nick anywhere I've used it. Super smooth shave on the legs, underarm, and bikini line! Great weight in the hand, handle design is not slippery, its easy to open and dry everything out after each use (recommended to prolong the life of all parts, especially the blade). Compared to the Venus, this is so much more cost effective and environmentally friendly! Note: I never use shave gel/cream so I cant speak to how the razor works with that product, I would assume fine. I only wash with goat milk bar soap (uber gentle and moisturizing, Zum is awesome if your interested) so I shave with it too. It provides a great soft cushion for the blade and never clogs it up.

  • 5
    A real treat for ladys; a must-have!

    Posted by NG on Dec 18th 2015

    Unbelievable! You don't have to apply any pressure, you don't feel the blade, and magically, the shave is perfect! Why did I wait so long to buy a real razor. It makes you wonder why all those cheap multiple-blade razors were even invented.

  • 5
    What a great razor! Stainless steel!

    Posted by SF on Dec 7th 2015

    What a great razor! Stainless steel, excellent quality and easy to use. Having never used a razor other than disposables, I was hesitant about the learning curve. My sweetheart showed me how to drop the blade in, which took less than 2 seconds. I loved the feel of my skin after this shave, so smooth and no nicks - and best of all no more disposing plastic razors into the landfill. Loved the box this was packaged in also.