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Parker & Taconic 24C Starter Kit w/ Safety Razor, Shave Brush, Shave Cream & Blades

Parker & Taconic

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This 24C safety razor starter shaving set includes some of our most popular products to get you started with wet shaving. This gift set is perfect for those who want to abandon the "cream in a can" and save money on expensive cartridge razor contains the basic necessities for a barbershop shave at home! Makes the perfect gift for grads, dads, groomsmen or a treat for yourself!

  • Parker's 24C Open Comb Safety Razor is our best-selling safety razors. Since being launched in 2013, Parker Safety Razor's "Open Comb" models have been the buzz of the shaving community. The head of this razor is engineered to provide an extremely smooth shave without being overly aggressive. We recommend this razor for both beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. The open comb design stretches the skin, delivering a very close shave. Paired with a great razor blade, you will get a barbershop shave at home!
    - Comes with 20 premium double edge safety razor blades - enough to last for months of smooth shaves.
  • Taconic's Handmade Wood & Chrome Handle Mixed Badger Shaving Brush -  Taconic Shave's 100% Mixed Badger Shave brush has a dense brush knot for extra lathering ability. Mixed Badger is a cross between black badger & pure badger, being the stiffest and most coarse badger grade, yet close to pure badger. Handcrafted with high quality bristles, our mixed badger brush exfoliates well and is dense, creating a fabulous lather to prepare your face for a smooth and comfortable shave. The handsome wood and chrome heavyweight ergonomic handle was designed to make lathering easier.
  • Taconic Shave's "Artisan-Made" Eucalyptus Mint Shaving CreamTaconic’s all-natural artisan crafted shave cream is highly concentrated to create a thick and luxurious lather that cushions and protects skin from razor irritation. With organic aloe, premium oils, botanical extracts, and other natural skin soothing ingredients, this cream delivers an incredibly comfortable shave. Its Eucalyptus Mint scent has a unique combination of essential oils for a cooling & refreshing shave and can be used with a brush, or brushless to deliver fantastic results. Highly concentrated, one bottle should last for several months. 

Each of these shaving set components is the highest quality and will provide years of enjoyment!