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Shaving Brush Grades Explained

Shaving Brush Grades

Parker Safety Razor offers a wide selection of handmade shave brushes. Our brushes are available with different styles and bristle types to meet every preference. The density and softness of the bristles impact exfoliation, how much water the brush retains, and the thickness of the lather created.

  • Boar Brushes are our most economical brushes. They are best for exfoliation, as they have the stiffest bristles. Boar retains less water than badger, but in general they still create an excellent lather.
  • Synthetic Bristle Brushes are extremely soft. Some compare their softness to silvertip. They are an excellent choice for those who are vegans. While they do not hold as much water as genuine badger bristle brushes, they also are excellent for travel, as they dry quickly and can create an excellent lather.
  • Black Badger Brushes are the stiffest badger grade. They hold large quantities of water and create an excellent lather. Many wet shavers prefer black badger brushes because of their stiffness. Others prefer the softer grades of badger, especially those with sensitive skin.
  • Pure Badger Brushes are quite a bit softer than black badger. They cost a little more, but many prefer their softer texture. A Parker 100% Pure Badger brush is nothing other than genuine Pure Badger. Our pure badger grade is comparable to many of the brushes that other companies market as “best badger” and “fine badger”. These are our best-selling brushes.
  • Silvertip Badger is the softest grade of badger. Many shaving enthusiasts will use nothing other than silvertip. Parker Silvertip brushes are extremely soft and are superior to many brands costing 4 to 5 times more money. The silvertips are best for those with sensitive skin because of their super soft bristles.

Shaving Brush Care

All of our Parker brushes come with a drip stand to prolong your brush’s life with proper storage and drying. After shaving, rinse the brush well with clean warm water to remove all excess residue. Gently shake the brush dry and hang the brush with the bristles facing down in a brush stand. Parker Safety Razor shave brushes will elevate your morning routine with a luxurious barbershop shave at home every day.