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Real Feedback About Parker Safety Razor

“Great Setup! Forget Art of Shaving or $1 Razor Club! This is the way to go!!”
Parker 82R Set

“Nice item my boyfriend is very pleased with quality and the way it was presented.”
Parker Faux Horn Handle Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

“A++++++ seller fast shipping. Very happy, thank you.”
Parker 90R Safety Razor

“Fast shipping, great, smooth, first pass shave!!!!”
Parker 26C Safety Razor

 “I look forward to shaving with this beautiful razor!”
Parker 26C Safety Razor

"I purchased several times from this seller, perfect every time. Top notch! AAA+++"

“Love this. Anyone who travels with a safety razor-I highly recommend this.”

Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective/Travel Case

"The razor in this photo is called The Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, or The Variant, for short. I came up with the name. No big deal it's actually an incredible razor for all hair and skin types because of its adjustability. It's like owning several razors in one (hints the name Variant) I suggest picking one up. The cost up front may seem high but it quickly pays for itself with what you save on blades. 1 blade on average costs around 10 cents and you can use the same blade for multiple shaves. Not only are the blades cheaper, they also provide a much smoother, closer, less irritated shave that leaves your skin feeling smooth as a baby's bottom. If you read the reviews on the razor and see comments saying "BBS" that's shave talk for baby bottom smooth. I own well over 100 razors and have tried even more. Razors dating from 1908 all the way up to today's modern razors. Cartridge, single edge, double edge, slant, open comb, closed comb, straight edge, all types and I can honestly say that this razor stands out on its own and will forever be in my rotation of razors that I use regularly. It will definitely not find its way tucked away with the not so great razors. Christmas is around the corner and this razor will make an excellent gift for guys and girls. So pick one up"


"I might even call the Parker Variant the finest adjustable razor made today. Parker took everything from the lauded Merkur Progress and just made it so much better! From the handle and its sure feel grip, to the adjustment and correct calibration to the channels in the razors baseplate...everything is done just right including the weight. Perfect balance. I would also mention the wonderful feedback and how smooth this shaver is. The top caps coating really helps in this regard. I just purchased another one today. I like to give them to family members and friends who show interest in wet shaving. Highly recommended!"

Real Feedback About Taconic Shave

Bay Rum Shave Soap - "I've been shaving for 55 years with a shaving mug and badger brush and have used dozens of soap pucks over time. Nothing has been quite so fulfilling as the Taconic shaving soap puck I recently tried. I bought the bay rum puck on a personal bet--that it was time to dare something different and lucked out with the best shaving foam I have ever used. I have, quite simply, never had a better result."

Taconic Shave Eucalyptus Mint Shave Cream - "Smells good, feels good, and helps blades glide smoothly. Just one of these last me over a year and it still lathers very well!"

"Flat out, the best shave I have ever experienced; best in closeness, best in nonirritating and best in overall feel. Folks, I've tried just about everything. This is the best. No need to look further. I've done all your research. Hands down it's the smoothest shave going. The only thing to make them better is if they would move to Texas and become iconic."

Customer Service Feedback

"Smooth transaction, item as described, and prompt shipment. Highly recommended"

"Great to do business with ! Fast shipping, I would order again !!! Outstanding!!"

"Kudos also to You have the best service and communication I have encountered from an online vendor. I was shocked when I got an email my order had shipped 45 minutes after I placed it. Other vendors have taken numerous days to a week to get things out. Great vendor, great product who could ask for anything more"