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Parker 66R Heavyweight Chrome Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razor

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Introduced in 2016, the Parker 66R is a heavyweight safety razor with the world famous Parker twist-to-open head for a close, comfortable shave. Twisting the knob on the bottom of the razor will open the butterfly doors for blade insertion. This beautifully designed knurled chrome plated all brass razor is a smooth shaver with an excellent non-slip grip. Parker Safety Razor has been making the highest quality, precision engineered safety razors for over 45 years.

Razor type: Butterfly Open Razor

Weight: 4 oz.

Length: 3.8 in.

Handle material: Genuine brass frame, chrome plated

How to Use a Safety Razor for a Close Shave  

General Product & Shaving Tips

Free 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades with every razor! Parker safety razor since 1973 premium platinum 5 stainless steel blades

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  • 5
    Unique handle

    Posted by Don on Aug 27th 2020

    Did not notice this when purchasing but the first thing I noticed was when I got hold of the handle. It has these small chrome circles around it that grips to your skin making it practically slip proof. Great design. Would definitely buy again.

  • 5
    Parker 66 Heavyweight Razor

    Posted by Ron on Nov 25th 2019

    This is now my favorite Razor.Nice heft, very pleasing to look at and gives an excellent shave. Parker Razors are well made and an excellent value..

  • 5
    Great razor!

    Posted by Robert Werner on Jul 10th 2016

    Great fit and finish. Beautiful and everything works perfectly. Great shave--moderately aggressive but forgiving. Glad I got it.

  • 5
    This is the real deal!

    Posted by CB on Jun 19th 2016

    This thing is the real deal, I've been using regular old Gillette razors for years now and figured I would give this a try for a change. Not only do you save money in the long run I personally think the shave is way better! I just finished my first shave and I'm blown away! Pull the trigger!

  • 5
    Great shave

    Posted by Henry on Dec 28th 2015

    Well constructed, great shave.

  • 4
    Fantastic weight and perfect size

    Posted by Ben on Dec 28th 2015

    Fantastic weight and perfect size. Only reason I didn't give five stars is there's a really small amount of blade showing so it can be hard to get the right angle to actually shave well. Just takes a little extra attention

  • 5
    Smooth Shave/Not Aggressive

    Posted by J on Dec 1st 2015

    Much less aggressive than the Merkur 38c but gives a close shave.The handle has excellent knurling for a great grip.Easy to load the razor blade.Using an Astra superior platinum. Good quality.

  • 5
    A razor to live by...

    Posted by JP on Dec 1st 2015

    For years I used a "Bic" disposable razor and really didn't care about why either way. One day I watched a commercial where Rick from Pawn Stars was promoting a razor similar to this one. I bought it and my wife bought me and old fashioned brush and soap cup to complete the set. I liked the idea of saving money on razors and also the nostalgic premise of shaving like they did for years. Well, I wouldn't go back to the "Bics" or anything of the sort anymore, but dare I say it, the razor that Rick promoted practically fell apart and wouldn't open, or correctly close the "butterfly" top half, when changing the razor blade anymore. This happened about 4 months after purchasing. This left me wondering whether or not I made a mistake changing over to a safety razor. Then I came across this gem and decided I'd give it a! The shave makes either a bic or the last safety razor I was using put to shame. It's heavy and this ads to the glide. The metal is strong and durable and I have a feeling I will be using this razor for many many years to come. If you are looking for something to replace what you have, I wouldn't hesitate in stating this razor is excellently made, good price for the value, and something you should be very happy with.

  • 5
    Outstanding razor for new or experienced shavers!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 1st 2015

    This razor reminds me of the classic Gillette razor that I used many years ago. I love the twist to open knob and the butterfly action at the top of the razor. It makes it very quick and convenient to get razor blades in and out of the razor. My facial hair is not very coarse and I have a sensitive neck. I was pleased to read the report by previous reviewers that this razor was mild and not aggressive. Given my facial characteristics, I didn't want to buy an aggressive razor. This razor is working wonderfully for me! As many people have suggested to do, I have purchased small quantities of a number of different blades to try to determine which blades work well for me. I am really enjoying my return to the way I shaved when I was young. I will never go back to using an electric razor again! I believe that this razor would be very suitable for most users especially those with lighter beards and sensitive skin. I also feel that this razor would be an excellent choice for someone who is new at shaving with a double edge razor as it is very forgiving of a person's errors of shaving technique.