Kai Premium Nail Clipper with Side Nail File

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Kai's premium stainless steel heavyweight nail clipper has a zinc diecast (chrome-plated finish) elastomer lever, allowing for *easy nail cutting. It has a built-in nail file embedded on the side, which is a nifty way to smooth nails after cutting. Seki Magoroku was the famous swordsmith master of Seki-shi who made high-quality swords during the Kamakura period. People remembered him by crowning the city’s name on his. Descendants of Magoroku then passed on his cutlery technique and produce everyday cutlery products for the public.

Key Features:

STAINLESS STEEL - Manufactured with 100% Stainless Steel with sharp cutting edges - cuts fingernails and toenails

HEAVYWEIGHT DESIGN - Designed for Professional and Home Use - Built to last

ELASTOMER NAIL CATCHER - When cut, nails go into the handle, which means no more nail trimmings going all over the place.

STRONG CUTTING POWER - Can cut through the toughest of fingernails and toenails

MADE IN JAPAN - Manufactured in Seki, Japan by KAI

* Please use caution not to cut your nails too short since this clipper cuts very well.